reason against

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And there's not much reason against his bein' a sled-dog again.
Was there any family reason against her saying "Yes"?
Can anything be more hopeless," I insisted to the fascinated little Fyne, "than to pit reason against love.
I know a great many excellent people who reason against plain experience in the same way -- who read the newspapers in the morning, and deny in the evening that there is any romance for writers or painters to work upon in modern life.
His father very much wished him to meet Captain Wentworth, and there being no sufficient reason against it, he ought to go; and it ended in his making a bold, public declaration, when he came in from shooting, of his meaning to dress directly, and dine at the other house.
Hence the Italian Renaissance is commonly called Pagan, and hence when young English nobles began to travel to Italy to drink at the fountain head of the new inspiration moralists at home protested with much reason against the ideas and habits which many of them brought back with their new clothes and flaunted as evidences of intellectual emancipation.
There is a reason against this matter, there is a personal relation concerned in this matter, not yet explained to you.
Another reason against Kumho Tire's sale is the fact that it is the only company producing tires for Korea's warplanes including the F-16, F4 and F5, and the T-50 advanced trainer.
Although there is no medical reason against having babies late in life, the prevalence of complications such as Hypertension, Diabetes and the high rate of Caesarean Sections call for a very close monitoring of elderly pregnant women.
For a third reason against an increase in transport fares, Pulido cited 'the correlation of historical data' between fuel prices and fares between 2014 and 2016.
They are accused, the lawyer added, of violence that caused a physical disability of over 20% and for using violence without legitimate reason against individuals in the exercise of their duties of otherwise incidentally to such exercise, in compliance with articles 219 and 101 of the Penal Code.
An appendix will discuss some related matters, including what it is to transmit a reason against an action, and how to approach the nettlesome problems of aggregation to oughts, incommensurability, and defeat.