reason for disapproval

See: objection
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The biggest reason for disapproval of the Cabinet was the lack of leadership by Hatoyama, with 26.9 percent citing it.
The clause in Jennings was identical, save the sentence prohibiting purchase price being the sole reason for disapproval or modification of the contract, which was not at issue.
According to CRSC analysts, the main reason for disapproval of applications is a lack of supporting documentation.
The main reason for disapproval was distrust of Koizumi's political reforms, chosen by 20.5%.
The leading reason for disapproval was the current three-way coalition, cited by 35%, while 34.5% expressed dissatisfaction with the cabinet's policies.
The approval rating marked the second lowest following 35.3 percent in December since Fukuda took office in September, with 26.1 percent selecting his lack of leadership as a reason for disapproval, up 6.5 points to become the top reason for the first time, and 22.8 percent saying they cannot make any expectations on his economic policy.
The top reason for disapproval, meanwhile, was distrust of the Cabinet's economic policies, at 29.5 percent.
Among all the respondents, 59.1% cited distrust of the prime minister as the reason for disapproval, while 46.2% said they cannot support his political stance.
The main reason for disapproval was the three-party ruling coalition, cited by 36%, while 30% expressed pessimism about the cabinet's new policy initiatives.