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He said his commission's reasonability is to allow all eligible Sudanese nationals, from 18-year old up, the chance to vote in the elections.
Earlier, the President of the Independent High Authority for Elections Shafiq Sirsar called, in a press conference, on all political parties to accept reasonability in determining the shape and dates of elections, so that the country does not enter into a dangerous zone with grave consequences.
Unfortunately, all this is our reality in which we never allowed the real democracy, real civil awareness and reasonability, to be developed.
At the moment, there is no reasonability to develop the Kemin further due to the construction of a gas distribution station near Balkhash," he continued.
Manager perception of reasonability in consultant's performance; and
When the Supreme Court demanded constitutional validity of the voters list prepared by Election Commission, the Attorney General said that legal voters list was the very first reasonability of Election Commission.
It said "We won't be astonished at the absence of wisdom and reasonability of those statementsC* we regret that those statements are still coming from countries accustomed to making the Middle East a field for their foolishness and failing experiments.