reasonable chance

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The Alps and the glaciers together are able to take every bit of conceit out of a man and reduce his self-importance to zero if he will only remain within the influence of their sublime presence long enough to give it a fair and reasonable chance to do its work.
But looking to the fact that Magdalen, on both the occasions when she had forgotten herself, had spoken in the heat of anger, he was of opinion that her voice had every reasonable chance of escaping detection, if she carefully avoided all outbursts of temper for the future, and spoke in those more composed and ordinary tones which Mrs.
My looking glass," he continued, "shows me that I am changed beyond any reasonable chance of recognition.
Praise everybody, I say to such: never be squeamish, but speak out your compliment both point-blank in a man's face, and behind his back, when you know there is a reasonable chance of his hearing it again.
Now think ye that I would have done this grievous wrong to my soul, body, reputation, and estate, without a reasonable chance of profit?
Nobody can steer a donkey, and some collided with camels, dervishes, effendis, asses, beggars and every thing else that offered to the donkeys a reasonable chance for a collision.
Give the company a reasonable chance to sort it out, but don't just let it drop if you don't hear back from them.
only a reasonable chance or serious possibility--by requiring more of the claimant than the Refugee Convention allows.
The former Northern Ireland secretary, who quit front bench politics after declining Theresa May's offer of another Government position, said there was a reasonable chance of keeping the crossing between the two countries open despite the Brexit vote.
Sadly a quarter of the team was sold and the manager sacked without a reasonable chance.
There is a reasonable chance of a similarly strong growth performance in 2015/16, if the government can address the hard-currency shortage, which has weakened business sentiment in recent months.
But, with Scarlets coach Wayne Pivac being a New Zealander and having expert knowledge of players Down Under, there's a reasonable chance a foreigner might be brought in.

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