reasonable claim

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It exceeds any reasonable claim that the author could make and undermines the good will created by his earlier work.
Cersei has hired the infamous band of sellswords (founded by Aegor Rivers) to assist in her efforts to cling on to the Iron Throne, despite having no reasonable claim to it.
Playing up the slope, Milngavie were the better side in the first half and came closest to scoring when a free kick smashed off the bar with keeper Jordan Livingstone beaten.They also had a reasonable claim for a penalty turned down and Rovers were fortunate to go in all square.
Under this standard, the broadest and most reasonable claim meaning is adopted.
The school does not offer men's soccer, so the male player may have a reasonable claim under Title IX.
Accordingly, I feel it to be a quite reasonable claim on the manufacturers part that this simple, and relatively inexpensive device will benefit backs and ensure your seat belt performs optimally.
Securing the payment of the rents with a trusted guarantor is a reasonable claim of the landlord which should be included in the tenancy agreement and he must also ensure that terms are included to prevent the tenant alienating the ownership of the company through the disposal of shares or even its deletion from the records of the Registrar of Companies.
"The issue is not the sovereignty of the Order, but the reasonable claim of questionable procedures and of lack of proven valid cause for the action taken as raised by the concerned party," Tomasi wrote in the letter, also first reported by The Tablet.
If a federal judge finds the hospital has a reasonable claim for the agencies to contribute to the settlements and allows the claims to move forward, things could become complicated for the hospital at the county level, where it is arguing an estate suing it has no reasonable claim for negligent infliction of emotional distress over anxiety resulting from hepatitis C test results.
Lee, released on June 20, is seen by many as, in the words of one analyst, "a blow to patent owners." The decision left in place central elements of the post-issuance review process, including the broadest reasonable claim standard, and ruled that review decisions could not be appealed.
One can miss best practices, but still be within the realm of reasonable claim standards.

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