reasonable excuse

References in classic literature ?
A CAT caught a Cock, and pondered how he might find a reasonable excuse for eating him.
And now since I cannot conceive that ye would hold a spelling bee upon the street corner, will ye name some reasonable excuse for being at large?
He drew his chair nearer to the fire though, as a kind of hint that he would prefer to be alone, and John, having no reasonable excuse for remaining, left him to himself.
At these, to all appearance, reasonable excuses that she made, her uncle ceased to urge her, and waited till she was somewhat more advanced in age and could mate herself to her own liking.
It is an offence under Section 342 of the Gambling Act 2005 if a person, without reasonable excuse, gives to a Licensing Authority for a purpose connected with that Act information which is false or misleading.
They are alleged to have "failed, without reasonable excuse, to comply with a direction" by not leaving Castle Street.
They are jointly charged with assisting an offender without lawful authority or reasonable excuse between February 22 and March 3.
His solicitor claims he had a reasonable excuse on medical grounds.
From 1 January 2015, if a job seeker misses an appointment with their employment provider without a reasonable excuse, their income-support payment will be suspended until they actually attend the next appointment.
He also failed without reasonable excuse to surrender to custody.
Where a person, without reasonable excuse, fails to comply with a DFSA Notice requiring it to deliver information and documents, the DFSA will enforce compliance with such a Notice by seeking orders in the DIFC Courts.
Al-Lohaidan's comments were quickly ridiculed by the social media, where one Twitter user posted that if the cleric doesn't want women to drive, he should at least find a reasonable excuse.