reasonable prospect

See: likelihood
References in classic literature ?
But I wonder that the late Judge--being so opulent, and with a reasonable prospect of transmitting his wealth to descendants of his own--should not have felt the propriety of embodying so excellent a piece of domestic architecture in stone, rather than in wood.
It is not every day that we can meet an eminent person at dinner, and feel that there is a reasonable prospect of the news of his murder being the news that we hear of him next.
Parliament has learnt that Legal Aid Botswana, where there is a reasonable prospect of success, can finance expert opinion required to pursue litigation on behalf of an indigent citizen.
LCol Poland in this case must first consider whether there is a reasonable prospect of conviction should the matter proceed to trial by court martial, based on all of the evidence and the law, and second whether the public interest requires that a prosecution be pursued.
The company has insufficient cash resources to continue to trade beyond the short term and the directors have concluded that there is no longer any reasonable prospect of a sale.
They said there was insufficient corroborating evidence to support the allegations levelled by Haggarty to provide a reasonable prospect of conviction.
According to the appellate court, the proper year in which to claim a theft loss is the first year in which no reasonable prospect of recovery exists, starting with the year of discovery.
Mr Amin said: "If they haven't addressed the complaints we can bring a legal challenge with a reasonable prospect of success.
The two most contested requirements are that the loss be caused by criminal theft and that there be no reasonable prospect of recovery in the year of discovery.
Judge Thokozile Masipa dismissed a request by state prosecutors to appeal Pistorius' sentence last month, saying she was not persuaded that there was a reasonable prospect of success at another court.
The compliance officer must also conclude that this was done knowing that there was no reasonable prospect of the children staying at the accommodation.
Assistant director Michael Agnew said: "Our assessment remains that there is no reasonable prospect of proving to the criminal standard that Soldier B did not act in self-defence having formed a mistaken but honest belief that he was under imminent attack.