reasonable supposition

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Salon prices are built around a reasonable supposition: In general, women's haircuts are more complicated and time-consuming than men's.
Having established that the Green Knight/Bertilak may be viewed as a fairy--a reasonable supposition in itself at any rate--he assumes the Knight to be an "adoxic agent," just as any other fairy, which brings him to conclude that Bertilak "instigates ...
It's a reasonable supposition that, before the Snowden revelations hit, America's spymasters had made just that mistake.
"So it's a reasonable supposition that this dramatic expansion in odour-sensing capability is what allowed ants to develop such a high level of social organization," Laurence Zwiebel, professor of biological sciences, who directed the new study, said.
Whether he ever said this or not, it's a reasonable supposition. Gaffes are inconvenient truths given voice.
A reasonable supposition regarding the initial values and the degree of overlap must be made.
The next owners were the Greville family, the lords Brooke, and the facts point to the reasonable supposition that The Manor House served for some time as the principal residential property in Knowle village.
The first two assumptions relate to the biblical text, and Stevens maintains that a careful reading of the text can "discover economic concerns in the texts." This is a reasonable supposition, but derivations based on these assumptions depend on readings of the text that are not always obvious.
Councillor Mike Carr, who chaired the meeting, said there was "reasonable supposition" some resources will come.
Given the earthquakes' destructiveness, that is a reasonable supposition. But, as Morris notes, "if Ordway wrote of the quake, that document has been lost" (104).
The most reasonable supposition is I did something wrong the first time and I sure can't say I didn't, but if so, it sure was consistent.
Because of the weakness of the Tory opposition, it is indeed a reasonable supposition that Mr Blair will win a third term for Labour next spring, although the possibility of a hung Parliament cannot be entirely discounted.