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Suitable; just; proper; ordinary; fair; usual.

The term reasonable is a generic and relative one and applies to that which is appropriate for a particular situation.

In the law of Negligence, the reasonable person standard is the standard of care that a reasonably prudent person would observe under a given set of circumstances. An individual who subscribes to such standards can avoid liability for negligence. Similarly a reasonable act is that which might fairly and properly be required of an individual.


adj., adv. in law, just, rational, appropriate, ordinary or usual in the circumstances. It may refer to care, cause, compensation, doubt (in a criminal trial), and a host of other actions or activities.


(Fair), adjective aequus, conscionable, fit, fitting, judicious, just, modicus, not excessive, not extreme, proper, rationi consentaneus, restrained, suitable, temperate, tempered, tolerable, unextravagant, unextreme
Associated concepts: reasonable agreement, reasonable allowance, reasonable attorney's fees, reasonable market value, reasonable notice, reasonable opportunity to cure, reasonable restraint, reasonable return, reasonable time, reasonable value
Foreign phrases: Quam rationabilis debet esse finis, non definitur, sed omnibus circumstantiis inspectis pendet ex justiciariorum discretione.What a reasonable fine ought to be is not defined, but is left to the discretion of the judges, all the circumstances being considered. Quam longum debet esse rationabile tempus non definitur in lege, sed pendet ex discretione justiciariorum. How long a reasonable time ought to be is not defined by law, but is left to the discretion of the judges.


(Rational), adjective amenable to reason, broad-minded, capable of reason, clearheaded, cognitive, credible, discerning, fit, intelligent, judicious, justifiable, logical, lucid, perceiving, percipient, persuable, plausible, probable, proper, prudens, ratiocinative, rational, rationis particeps, realistic, right, sagacious, sapient, sensible, sound, tenable, understandable, unjaundiced, valid, warrantable, well-advised, well-founded, wise
Associated concepts: reasonable care, reasonable cause, reaaonable certainty, reasonable degree of care, reason-able diligence, reasonable doubt, reasonable excuse, reasonable ground, reasonable inference, reasonable injury, reasonable interpretation, reasonable judgment, reasonable notice, reaaonable person, reasonable probability, reasonable use
See also: adequate, amenable, colorable, considerable, convincing, correct, discriminating, equitable, fair, impartial, judicial, judicious, just, justifiable, logical, normal, objective, open-minded, ostensible, peaceable, placable, plausible, possible, practicable, pragmatic, probable, rational, receptive, right, rightful, sane, sensible, solid, sound, suitable, tenable, unprejudiced, upright, viable

REASONABLE. Conformable or agreeable to reason; just; rational.
     2. An award must be reasonable, for if it be of things nugatory in themselves, and offering no advantage to either of the parties, it cannot be enforced. 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 2096. Vide Award.

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The final requirement for acting reasonably and in good faith is that the taxpayer must not be deemed not to have acted reasonably and in good faith.
All controlled taxpayers that reasonably anticipate a benefit from the covered services must participate
16060 requires the trustee to keep the beneficiaries reasonably informed and Probate Code Sec.
A tripling of Canada's foreign aid might well be appropriate, but that is surely a matter for prudential judgment on which Christians might reasonably disagree.
The result is a reasonably good discussion of Portuguese military activities in Morocco, which receive the most attention and might justifiably have served as the focus of the essay as a whole, weaker ones dealing with sub-Saharan Africa and India, and none at all with Brazil, which might have added significant dimensions to the topic as approached by Newitt.
check] Reports up the ladder do not have to be made unless it is reasonably likely that a violation has occurred, is occurring of is likely to occur in the future.
In the end, the siren call of reasonably priced homes and pressure-free bidding that always has a fairy-tale ending proved too powerful to resist.
temporary weakness which may follow prolonged bedrest following major abdominal surgery) which could reasonably be expected to spontaneously improve as the patient gradually resumes normal activities.
For January 2003, they did some reasonably elaborate testing (for them).
who has been at that weight for quite some time cannot, in many cases, reasonably expect to get down to what is considered "normal" for him, around 165-175 lbs.
The essence of the reasonableness inquiry in defense-of-life cases is whether the officer who used force reasonably perceived a threat.