reasonably anticipated

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At some future day, in all probability, the rich harvest of beaver fur, which may be reasonably anticipated in such a spot, will tempt adventurers to reduce all this doubtful region to the palpable certainty of a beaten track.
reasonably anticipated and calculated the drivers' expenses before reimbursing them.
Among the targets for this method are solvents such as creosote, tetrachloroethylene, and trichloroethylene, many of which are known or reasonably anticipated to be human carcinogens, according to the National Toxicology Program.
Total quantity or scope: The construction value of these works is reasonably anticipated to be in the range of between 6500000 and 10000000 GBP
Following are excerpts from various news reports, all dated June 10, the day of the announcement, about styrene's designation as a reasonably anticipated carcinogen:
Other concerns center on contingent fees when "it is reasonably anticipated that the position will be substantively reviewed by the IRS prior to the filing of such return.
DDT is also classified as reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen by the U.
Review recent and reasonably anticipated actions of the Regional Water Quality Board
DEHP is listed by the National Toxicology Program as reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen and is a possible endocrine disruptor.
In the three situations analyzed, the aircraft were fully depreciated and, when placed into service, the airline reasonably anticipated that they would have a useful life of up to 25 years--taking into account repairs and maintenance necessary to keep the aircraft in an ordinarily efficient operating condition.
In his ruling, Judge Whyte found that Rambus executed its document retention practices during a time when it reasonably anticipated litigation, and thus willfully spoliated evidence, but also found that Rambus did not deliberately destroy documents it knew to be damaging.