reasonably good

See: fair
References in classic literature ?
Wilson said to himself, "Anybody with a reasonably good head would have thought of it.
If your Grace, then,'' said Robin, ``will again honour with your presence one of Robin Hood's places of rendezvous, the venison shall not be lacking; and a stoup of ale, and it may be a cup of reasonably good wine, to relish it withal.
I should have liked nothing better than a reasonably good excuse to punch his head; yet, paradoxically, I was ashamed of myself for harboring him any ill will.
There was a reasonably good path now, mostly on the edge of the river, with a divergence here and there where a dyke came, with a miniature windmill on it and a muddy sluice-gate.
I mean by big, a solid, well-established concern, that offers a reasonably good career to its employes.
Miss Wren had a reasonably good eye for smiles, being well accustomed to them on the part of her young friends, though their smiles mostly ran smaller than in nature.
Counting those who have finished the full course, together with those who have taken enough training to enable them to do reasonably good work, we can safely say that at least six thousand men and women from Tuskegee are now at work in different parts of the South; men and women who, by their own example or by direct efforts, are showing the masses of our race now to improve their material, educational, and moral and religious life.
I could pass a reasonably good examination already, as a pilot in these waters, I think.
While slash-and-burn farming has ravaged huge tracts of land in many of the hot spots identified in the tropics, California's government, foundations and nonprofit organizations have done a reasonably good job of managing the state's open spaces and of protecting the teeming life found in its vernal pools, riparian forests and coastal sage scrub, the scientists said.
It's the kind of thing you can do at basically any age - as long as you're in reasonably good shape,'' said Earl Wooden, 69, who shares a Pacoima garage with Walkey.