reasonably sufficient

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What is reasonably sufficient depends on the circumstances and situation of the parties.
In addition, Caser had reasonably sufficient solvency buffers for the rating level (YE 2012: solvency cover 1.
Efficient utilization of this resource can provide reasonably sufficient and sustainable energy for power generation through deploying gasification technology.
To that end, "we have created a Copyright Verification Tool that assists copyright owners in searching for material that they believe to be infringing, and provides YouTube with information reasonably sufficient to permit us to locate that material.
According to the Supreme Court of New York, Appellate Division, the fact that the most profitable use of a parcel can be made only in combination with other land does not necessarily exclude that use from consideration if the possibility of combination is reasonably sufficient to affect market value.
It is essential to examine the actual facts of each case to see whether the conduct of the employer can fairly and clearly be said to have crossed the borderline which separates inconsiderate [employer] conduct causing some unhappiness or resentment to the employee, from dismissive or repudiatory conduct reasonably sufficient to justify the termination of the employment relationship.
Also, the property owner will not be liable for snow- or ice-related injuries if he does not have notice of the condition or if he has not had a reasonably sufficient time to address it.
While the crude and product pipeline capacity is reasonably sufficient, the country has inadequate gas pipeline infrastructure.
B) the period of time elapsing between the engagement of the person as an employee or agent and the occurrence of the harm (or between the acquisition of the device and the occurrence of the harm, in any case in which the device was acquired after such engagement of the person) was not a reasonably sufficient period in which to provide the training
Summary: Within subdivision (a)(l), clarifies that a lawyer may maintain funds belonging to the, lawyer within a trust account in an amount no more than is reasonably sufficient to pay bank charges related to the account; deletes unnecessary cross-reference within subdivision (g)(2).
A research report is defined by the legislation as "a written or electronic communication that includes an analysis of equity securities of individual companies or industries, and that provides information reasonably sufficient upon which to base an investment decision.