reasoning faculty

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British Enlightenment thinkers such as David Hume and Adam Smith argued that we are fundamentally social beings, that our reasoning faculty is weak, and that our emotions are strong and can be usefully educated.
individuals, operating from without upon the reasoning faculty, and furnishing the considerations and grounds upon which they determine to be prudent'.
T]he effect is, that, though the reasoning faculty is in full force, and each man can clearly foresee the consequences of his actions, yet that conduct is the same as if that faculty had no existence' (Lloyd 1833, p.
Reasoning in this manner, humans are like the gods and can live according to law and justice, provided their reasoning faculty is trained.
This reasoning faculty is oriented to the good or to the common good.
One of his traveling companions described him as an "intuitive physicist" whose speculative imagination is so vast that it senses great natural laws long before the reasoning faculty grasps and defines them.
To carefully observe the phenomena of life in all its phases, normal and perverted, to make perfect that most difficult of all arts, the art of observation, to call to aid the science of experimentation, to cultivate the reasoning faculty so as to be able to know the true from the false--these are our methods.
Because errors imbibed early are mostly ineradicable and because the reasoning faculty is the last to mature, children should not, until they are sixteen, be exposed to any subject in which major errors are possible, that is to say philosophy, religion and general views of all kinds.