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The emendation eliminates the second original reading of Arviragus's utterance (the one given above in parentheses) in favour of an eighteenth-century pronouncement that love's thought processes will always be reasonless.
By the sixteenth century these qualities were transferred to woman's psychology (vacillating, unstable), were adduced as evidence for her disordered, reasonless mind, and eventually were used to implicate art without design or proportion (Michelangelo on Flemish and Venetian art).
To identify the appreciation of paintings "without reason or art" with the sex that was culturally deprived of reason (and hence who would find nothing missing in an art without proportion or reason) reasserted the misogynist topos of the reasonless woman who judges things only through her eyes.
Fletcher's position is an advance over Devlin's because Devlin speaks of the community's need to defend a more or less reasonless absolute morality that religion sanctions, whereas Fletcher talks about a community's need for rituals and safe places.