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Within health care, reasonless variation is the source of many errors.
the impulse to move which had already seethed to a head among his people, darker than themselves, reasonless, following and seeking a delusion, a dream, a bright shape which they could not know since there was nothing in their heritage, nothing in the memory even of the old men to tell the others, "This is what we will find" .
And nowadays, when I read about a gang-rape in Central Park by teenagers from a housing project, or watch a television report of a reasonless killing committed by a black man, and finding myself fearful of my family's safety or my own, I sometimes feel the gorge of rage rising within me incredulously.
The emendation eliminates the second original reading of Arviragus's utterance (the one given above in parentheses) in favour of an eighteenth-century pronouncement that love's thought processes will always be reasonless.
jumping in spontaneous, reasonless defiance of the whole tragic idea that every effort on Earth must have a bottom line, profit margin, or edible bug at the end of it (Doip