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Michael Strano and his team have created a novel set of self-assembling molecules that can turn sunlight into electricity, but can also reassemble themselves just by addition or removal of an additional solution, reports Nature.
The high-speed stuff goes away but the low-speed stuff reassembles (in) 2 to 18 hours," Korycansky said.
Manish claims that putting the Instavest on and off is so simple that a person can jettison the vest in less than a second in a single action and then reassemble and put it back on in less than 45 seconds.
These fragments are later mixed in a test tube where the inteins reassemble whole copies of the molecule.
Doctors must mentally reassemble the slices to get a coherent picture of the body part.
MRI provides snapshot "slices" of the brain at specific depths, and scientists can reassemble these to form a three-dimensional picture.
To reconstruct a single copy of the paper in English, one could translate the fragments and then, by matching up the overlapping phrases between them, reassemble the text.
SAN FRANCISCO - California's largest utility has sufficiently explained how it intends to climb out of debt; reassemble itself into several new, federally regulated companies; and pay its creditors, a federal bankruptcy judge ruled Wednesday.
The proteins then reassemble themselves on the ceramic.
com) allows customers to reassemble data sent through multiple lines simultaneously.
It was his job to reassemble a team shaken by the news of their injured coach.
In addition, the software lets my team break apart their designs and thoroughly look through each part for specific measurements, and later reassemble them to demonstrate exactly how the proposed machine would function.