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(7) In Kaplan's story, a philosopher has been commissioned to disassemble the Nina, transport the disassembled parts to the Smithsonian institute, and reassemble the parts there.
To reassemble fragments, of course, is to engage in an act of speculation, to attempt to weave a fiction of origins and subgeneration.
The DC took strong notice of the reports about reassemble of the body cut NCP vehicles and directed the officials to make survey of these areas and submit him report within seven days in this regard.
photographs, match mark all components, machine shaft, install new bushings, balance impeller, reassemble, coat
Just make sure to discard the existing adjusting ring located in the cap of your faucet or the handle won't fit correctly when you reassemble it.
A few nonmetals can break up hydrogen gas, but only metals can also reassemble two hydrogen atoms into the gas, a reaction relevant to hydrogen-fuel production and storage.
Unlike competitive systems, a unique limit-stop system enables users to strip and reassemble the die ring themselves.
They can try to reshape the vane to its original shape and then reassemble the engine.
TELLY babe Tamzin Outhwaite was so determined to look professional when filming military drama Red Cap that she taught herself to strip down and reassemble an SA80 rifle, and a pistol, with a blindfold on in nine seconds.
Researchers fragment them and reassemble them through recombination.
Swartz, who orchestrated the "left-right" pro-immigration coalition, predicts the 105th Congress may succeed because this year's coalition is unlikely to reassemble. Swartz says traditional distrust between business groups and liberal labor, ethnic, and religious organizations makes any renewed coalition problematic.
Authorities said a group of 40 students took six months to reassemble the aircraft.