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assembly with new seals and elastomer kit, reassemble seal water system, start up and test pump, provide
Michael Strano and his team have created a novel set of self-assembling molecules that can turn sunlight into electricity, but can also reassemble themselves just by addition or removal of an additional solution, reports Nature.
London, March 12 (ANI): It seems like the fictional 'Terminator' robot has met its cosmic equivalent in asteroids that quickly reassemble if blasted by a nuclear bomb.
Although there are some other quick release ballistic vests available in the market - all have cumbersome systems to jettison the vest of the users body, once taken off, it is a very cumbersome process to reassemble the jacket back again due to the various wire systems used in the vests, it takes a lot of training and time for a soldier to put it back again and then also chances are that a normal soldier would not be able to put reassemble it a manner which will ensure a safe jettison in the eventuality of an emergency", said Manish Khandelwal, the Business Manager - Personal Protection, MKU.
When they mix these engineered proteins in a test tube, the intein fragments find their opposite half, reassemble, cut themselves out, and splice together the whole cytotoxic protein.
Then they will be moved onto the Air Force One Pavilion construction site, where Boeing workers will reassemble the aircraft as the pavilion is built around it.
The researchers broke the virus apart chemically and extracted the spilled RNA, then allowed the protein subunits to reassemble into a sphere with a cavity 18 nanometers in diameter.
Doctors must mentally reassemble the slices to get a coherent picture of the body part.
MRI provides snapshot "slices" of the brain at specific depths, and scientists can reassemble these to form a three-dimensional picture.
To reconstruct a single copy of the paper in English, one could translate the fragments and then, by matching up the overlapping phrases between them, reassemble the text.