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What then seems like an exemplary postmodern museum, where the past has been cleverly deconstructed, reassembled and finally incorporated into the design, may be tempered by its careful treatment of this artistic past.
North Atlantic (Phoenix Series II), 2005, is a grid of twenty reassembled square tiles, four wide and five high, measuring an imposing eight-and-a-half by six feet.
Below, O'Farrell's pub, with The Ronald Reagan lounge, will be reassembled inside the pavilion.
Her skeleton was stripped of flesh, reassembled and exhibited in French museums until 1974.
The reassembled Enola Gay was yesterday unveiled at Dulles International Airport in Washington DC.
She also went to work preparing her reassembled company for its current three-month, cross-country tour that continues through April 12.
One of the features of this development was said to be the attention paid by the designers to the ease with which the unit can be taken apart and reassembled, and to the self-cleaning characteristics.
When Larken traveled to Peru as a backpacker in the 1970s, she falsely believed her ship-building great grandfather had made two iron-hulled vessels that were transported to Peru in crates and reassembled on Lake Titicaca.
A dozen or so get a few minutes to but most interviews have been chopped up and reassembled into categories, including "The First Trick," "Turnons," "Turn-offs," "Watersports," and "Drugs.
A NIST research team has reassembled the NIST watt balance experiment inside its newly decorated home and the reborn apparatus is showing the first signs of life.
Suppose also that the disassembled planks are subsequently reassembled, in such a way that the end result is a ship just like the original ship, made of all the same planks (in all the same places).
JK Molds reports that during testing, it completely disassembled the hot half of the mold and the runner system, replaced a cavity, and reassembled the mold in just 4.