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It would still be possible to get the ship of Theseus back, by gradually replacing the planks that used to constitute it (and now constitute the ship of Stathis) by new planks, setting aside the old planks, and reassembling the old planks once they have been completely replaced.
The difference between Instavest and some other quick release vests would be the use of this system not only in emergency situation but in normal situations because of the ease of reassembling and putting it back on.
Upon completion of the program, students take home the computer if they can demonstrate competencies in taking apart and reassembling the computer, performing basic hardware upgrades, loading and working through software applications and tutorials provided by Microsoft, demonstrating a working knowledge of the Internet and practicing teamwork and collaboration skills.
The deal continues a reassembling of the Bell System that was foreshadowed by the overhaul of the nation's telecommunications laws in February and began in earnest earlier this month when SBC Communications and Pacific Telesis announced they would become the first of the seven Bell companies to join forces.
It also enhances accurate detection by automatically and correctly reassembling IP packets based on knowledge of the remote host operating system.
Who: Behrooz Salimnejad, associate conservator of furniture and woodwork at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, will be reassembling the Clock at the restored gallery.
American Airlines employees are reassembling them for shipment on Thursday.
This unique service, performed on site and off site, consists of the decontamination, cleaning, testing, reassembling, terminal sterilization, and daily delivery of procedure specific instrument sets for operating rooms and labor and delivery activities.
This unique service, performed on-site and off-site, consists of the decontamination, cleaning, testing, reassembling, terminal sterilization and daily delivery of procedural specific instrument sets for Operating Rooms and Labor and Delivery activities.
SmartTran Builder offers the developer a drag-and-drop interface for reassembling the host-based components into web pages.
When a longer-lasting data flow is identified, cooperating switches cut it directly through the network, without reassembling ATM cells into IP packets at intermediate switch points.
Each of these are supported on a per VC basis, allowing up to 1,024 simultaneous open VCs concurrently segmenting and/or reassembling.