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Part 6: Dismantling, preparing for transportation, transportation and reassembly confocal microscope system with a superconducting magnet.
This concept was recently verified at Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas, A Boeing team trained and assisted an Army unit in preparing six Apaches, loading & unloading then onto a C-5 transport aircraft, and reassembly and flyaway of the helicopters.
When dismantling the item, lay out all the parts systematically for reassembly.
The disassembly and reassembly will be held in the security area of ?
After cleaning the die, reassembly is said to be simple.
Clearances are undisturbed during disassembly and need not be adjusted upon reassembly.
Master gunsmith Larry Crow, of Competitive Edge Gunworks, guides the viewer through the complete disassembly and reassembly of the Vaquero, as well as, provides important cleaning and maintenance techniques to enhance the performance and enjoyment of the Vaquero shooting experience.
Here he begins with a photograph, makes a small painting based on it, then takes a black and white photograph of the painting, which he finally subjects to the same processes of expansion, division, and reassembly he used in the architectural studies.
Six complete closures of the highway for periods of up to 45 minutes will occur during the dismantling, removal, relocation and reassembly of a sign structure over the expressway.
And Reassembly Of The Pump, To Be Completed At Unit 3 Mcintosh Power Plant.
The entire mixing head may be rapidly disassembled via industry-standard v-clamps, and there is no complicated setup or alignment during the foolproof reconfiguration and reassembly.
which Orozco subjected to a triple process: fragmentation, subtraction, and reassembly.