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Our goal is not to kill anyone but to reassert the civil administration to be followed immediately by development in areas dominated by Naxalites for quite some years," he added.
It may be the quality of the goods, it could be staffing levels being reduced, and there are opportunities to start to reassert wily things could start to cost a bit more.
Most countries around the world need to deal with the question of authority within their borders and need to assert and/or reassert their control over territorial space.
A release from AAHP sounded a plaintive note, suggesting that the tame process of developing voluntary guidelines for health plans now threatens to become a serious attempt to reassert the Federal role in regulating health care.
I believe it is vital," said Gingrich, "that we reassert the centrality of faith in the definition of America .
announced today that Harry Brock, retired chairman and CEO of the Company, had proposed a series of actions to the Compass Board seeking to reassert his control over the Board.
Section 28 put the clock back for us, but rids helps us to reassert our identity and histories," said Nigel Tart of Schools Out
He added, "Harmon Meadow was a breakthrough in suburban real estate development when it was first constructed and is now undergoing a reinvention that will reassert its importance in the region.
So along comes a theory using cosmic notions to reassert the pre-eminence of lording it over good old-fashioned land.
Alford's Somerset had a flaw which led him to try to reassert his control, and this attempt was incompatible with Edward's emerging power.
bishops' recent call to implement Ex Corde Ecclesiae, the 1990 Vatican document that instructs Catholic Universities to reassert their distinctively Catholic identity.
EMANUEL STEWARD has called on Lennox Lewis to reassert himself as the undisputed world heavyweight champion by knocking out Michael Grant in New York on Saturday.