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Our goal is not to kill anyone but to reassert the civil administration to be followed immediately by development in areas dominated by Naxalites for quite some years," he added.
It is essential that we send a strong political signal to reassert the significance of our relations," said Jose Manuel Barroso.
First came the various forms of Romanticism and Idealism, which protested the social and environmental costs of industrialisation and science's narrow reality, and attempted to reassert the subjective and the spiritual.
Harmon Meadow was a breakthrough in suburban real estate development when it was first constructed and is now undergoing a reinvention that will reassert its importance in the region," said Mr.
Leicester stalwart Austin Healey was the man to reassert Tigers'' authority when he cantered over the tryline.
Elisabeth Herold, who wrote during the restoration of her convent after its devastation by the Swedes, conjures up the community's glorious past to reassert the convent's legal claims to property and build communal identity.
Summarizing the real issue, we asked: "Will President Bush continue to kowtow to the demands of internationalist insiders by sacrificing American sovereignty at every opportunity, or will he reassert American independence and move to withdraw the United States from the United Nations, the WTO, the FTAA, and all the other sovereignty-snuffing international organizations we're entangled with?
I think there is in those changes a desire to reassert a theology of the priesthood and the role the priest plays in the life of the church.
Parliament and the people have started to reassert authority and we must work to strengthen that authority by making the Prime Minister (any PM) accountable to Parliament.
As Greens we reassert the need for a United Nations-mandated international peacekeeping force to protect populations and we congratulate peace activists who have come from everywhere in the world, such as Jose Bove and many others from Italy and many other countries, amongst whom several are Greens, to support their Israeli and Palestinian friends.
You hold in your hands the tools necessary to reassert the CPA's proper place in the court of public opinion.