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We are excited about the opportunities ahead in 2018 with our competitive position reasserted in the UK
The position of the ruling coalition was reasserted during the meeting, on Tuesday, with Prime Minister Habib Essid, in Al-Dhiafa palace in Carthage, as part of "consultation meetings on the proposals and the solutions to be provided to the situation in the country" after last week's protest wave, the statement specifies.
But they have since reasserted themselves and have extended their 100pc record at Stamford Bridge to seven wins, scoring 21 goals with only four against.
The Magpies reasserted their hold on things eight minutes later as Mark DeBolla finished from close range.
Then came the great masters of Modernism, who reasserted the subjective and irrational with such devices as stream of consciousness.
The next day lawmakers reasserted their support for a narrower pro-gay law.
Next time out Sean Emmett twice nosed his Yamaha ahead but Kiyonari reasserted himself.Standings: 1 Kiyonari (Honda) 50pts, 2 G Lavilla (Ducati) 36, 3 M Rutter (Honda) 33, 4 G Richards (Kawasaki) 25, 5 S Emmett (Yamaha) 22, 6 K Harris (Honda) 20, 7 J Reynolds (Suzuki) 14.
In recent months, the government has reasserted control over the economy and in October plans to stop issuing new licenses for 40 categories of private employment legalized more than a decade ago.
But the same ruling reasserted OFAC's intention to prohibit "substantive or artistic alteration or enhancement" of editorial works originating from Iran, Cuba, Libya, and Sudan--legislative and constitutional restraints be damned.
Today, however, reality has reasserted itself: New York is not likely to see rapid growth in 2004, and our economic indicators will probably only eek out the tiniest positive improvements.
Backlashes against feminism mean that old patterns are reasserted and sometimes reasserted in more extreme ways than before.
In the first, it reasserted an earlier decision not to allow church properties to be used for partisan political purposes.