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The white Southerners aggressively reasserted their dominance and promoted legal segregation.
Subsequently, HIV reasserted itself in some of the seven infants, but the treatment maintained at least a 32 percent reduction in viral RNA concentrations throughout the 6-month study.
The court reasserted the test established in Credit Alliance Corp.
The AICPA's support for specialty accreditation was reasserted in the Report of the Special Committee on Governance and Structure, which suggested that the Tax Division should consider the accreditation of a tax specialty.
TUNIS (TAP) - Received, Friday, by Prime Minister Habib Essid, a delegation of a friendship parliamentary group with Arab Maghreb countries in Bundestag reasserted Germany 's pledge to carry on its support to Tunisia during the coming stage.
Summary: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) reasserted its commitment to supporting Egypt in its political transition, praising the improvement of the country's financial indicators over recent months.
Meanwhile, Newsom welcomed many of the nearly 4,000 same-sex couples married in San Francisco to a one-year anniversary celebration at City Hall on February 12, at which he reasserted his commitment to marriage equality.
The narrative dimension reasserted itself somewhat, however, in the titling as well as in the dynamics of display.
Rappel l'Ordre' of 1990 reasserted the importance of construction at a time when architecture seemed in danger (it still is) of abandoning its connection with building altogether.
By strongly asserting a challenge to the fixture sale this owner reasserted its rights and thereby maintained some control over the destiny of the property.