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"The report also says that the suspension of New York's accreditation (on the basis of) bi-partisan legislative decision not to enact two "required" NAIC model laws) led to a strong reassertion of the legislative prerogative to make public policy and how legislative sources have charged that the accredition program threatened to make legislative bodies little more than stamping houses for initiatives devised without legislative innput by regulators primarily through their trade association.
Increasingly muscular Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) diplomacy towards Iraq and Lebanon represents a tentative step towards the reassertion of coherent Arab foreign policy goals.
The article says, "The reassertion of the nation-state in the Arab world, with its multiple ethnoreligious identities, is reinvigorating an audience pull.
So it is not a surprise that rightist politicians from Trump to Marine Le Pen lace their message of national reassertion with a rich dose of anti-Muslim symbolism.
For Taylor it was a simple reassertion of the credentials that got him recalled to the Test team for the last match against Pakistan.
has failed to act or has acted ineffectively, Putin intends to prove Russia more decisive, forcing a realignment of power through a reassertion of former Soviet hegemony.
Addressing the thirty-sixth meeting of the Permanent Bureau of the Union of Arab Jurists in Amman, Ensour said that Jordan's hosting of the conference for the seventh time was a reassertion of the Kingdom's role in promoting the joint Arab legal framework "in the service of pan-Arab issues and the Arab people's aspirations for a better future." He also pointed out that Jordan was able to maximize cooperation with the international community to counter terrorism and extremist ideology and had adopted a rational policy of dialogue to disseminate the Islamic values of tolerance embedded in the Amman Message, which was the product of deliberations by scholars representing all schools of Islamic thought.
''We should speak clearly, because the sooner the wounded, the lukewarm and the outsiders realize that substantial doctrinal and pastoral changes are impossible, the more the hostile disappointment (which must follow the reassertion of doctrine) will be anticipated and dissipated.''
Among specific topics are genealogies of Jewishness in anthropology, framing father-son relationships in Medieval Ashkenaz folk narratives as markers of cultural difference, negative interfaith romances and the reassertion of Jewish difference in popular film, framing Jewish identity in the Museum of Moroccan Judaism, and missing links of European Jewish experience and discourse.
Summary: Libya government's reassertion of control over ports held by rebels takes longer than expected and recent events raise new doubts.
The reassertion of a Palestinian identity by growing numbers of Arab Israelis comes after a string of attacks on Christian and Muslim properties by suspected Jewish extremists, and after several new Israeli laws they perceive as infringing on their civil rights.
The EU will continue to support all institutions to maintain peace and security in Lebanon, including the reassertion of a dissociation policy from the Syrian conflict, upholding the spirit of the Bbda Declaration, to renew strong and proactive governance in all sectors, to comply with Lebanon's international obligations, and to promote the culture of dialogue," the press release went on.