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But even as these forms engulf their ground, Khedoori reasserts the compression and isolation that we recognize from images like Untitled (two windows).
He calls his three-dimensional miniature volumes, constructed at one-tenth scale, "objects," and his method differs from architectural modelmaking proper by virtue of the ill-mannered mutations that characterize his Merzbau-like constructions both then and now--his love of cinematic, David Lynch-esque moments of confusion, as when banal reality reasserts itself in the form of giant screwdrivers or neon tubes or even a huge sculpture of a romanesco, a vegetable similar to broccoli.
The revealed strata--in gradations of cream, tan, and dark orange--suggest layers of plaster, paint, and wallpaper, or dermis and epidermis, a conflation of bodily and architectural structure that constantly reasserts its simple reality as a stack of hacked cardboard.
Wilcox's film, likewise, reasserts the abiding power of the ideal of selflessness.