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Cash that is deposited in respect of a reassessment would be refunded, plus interest, if the Company were ultimately successful in challenging that reassessment.
Akram, who has represented Pakistan in nine Tests and 23 ODIs, explained that in case one of Ajmal's deliveries exceeds the permitted limit, he would still be able to play international cricket with the other cleared actions and can appear for reassessment of the particular ball later.
As a result, the followup waiting list has been significantly reduced to 12 weeks in most cases, and the reassessment waiting list will be targeted as soon as possible.
The decision to suspend reassessments was not made public.
An inspector from MPAC agreed the initial reassessment had been incorrect in some places.
We are going through a very difficult time, of reassessment right now and I am not exactly sure how it comes out and what the specifics would be but I hope that as we work our way through this we are able to sustain this relationship," he added.
It said the reassessment was considered an initial notification and the firm had 40 days to respond before receiving the final reassessment.
According to the suit, the McConvilles sent mailers to tens of thousands of homeowners that demanded hundreds of dollars in payments for property tax reassessment and reassessment appeal services.
Since the review was conducted, and following the United States' reassessment of the war in Afghanistan, Obama has been in constant communication with his staff and experts on the issue, he said.
The Department of Transportation is moving ahead with plans to develop a "special permit" which would exempt pipeline segments from the seven-year corrosion reassessment requirement in the gas transmission integrity management rule.
At the Senate hearings, Terry Boss, senior vice president, environment, safety and operations at INGAA, asked senators to change the 2002 pipeline safety law so its reassessment requirement mirrors a proposed industry consensus standard on reassessment intervals developed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
A Prince Edward Island couple called the Canada Revenue information line 12 times asking for information about a reassessment of their taxes.