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Both patients abandoned their wish for sex reassignment and continued to live as homosexuals.
The Supreme Court considered this question and held in 2002 that when considering reassignment as a reasonable accommodation, the employee must first establish that the reassignment would be "reasonable in the run of cases," in light of an employer's other employment policies.
Now there is at least one health plan by employers that covers gender reassignment surgery.
Changes were also made to the committee that approves gender reassignment requests, which will now include a psychologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, urologist, as well as a representative of the transgender community.
g) Hold a meeting with the patient and family members to discuss the results of the evaluation and, if transsexualism is the final diagnosis, to assess their attitudes about sex reassignment surgery.
mention reassignment at all, (17) and commentators have sometimes
Read more stories about this case on InsideCounsel: Labor: Lessons from the EEOC's aggressive pursuit of ADA cases Labor: Disabled employees have a leg up for reassignment to vacant positions in certain states ADA requires reassignment as a reasonable accommodation for disabled employees
Humiston-Keeling--a 2000 7th Circuit decision finding that although reassignment was a possible accommodation, the ADA did not require it--and the 7th Circuit's previous ruling in United Airlines in March.
Satori World Medical's Global Transgender Program[TM] has contracted with leading gender reassignment and feminization plastic surgeons around the world and in the U.
Task reassignment typically takes the form of job creation, whereby a new job description is negotiated based on current, unmet workplace needs.
Ellaborn determined that the taxpayer suffered from severe GID and prescribed a three-step treatment plan recommended by the Benjamin standards: hormonal sex reassignment (hormone therapy requires one psychotherapist recommendation); real-life experience (living as the opposite gender for at least 12 months); and sex reassignment surgery (subsequent to the real-life experience; requires two psychotherapist recommendations).
In a case of first impression, the Tax Court ruled that the costs of hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgery for an individual diagnosed with gender identity disorder (GID) qualified as deductible medical expenses.