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Ramos tendered his resignation after requests from the majority of the 34-member council that he reassume his previous post on the grounds that he is the only person who should hold the portfolio.
NNA - 03/12/2011 Hezbollah MP Mohammad Raad said Saturday that March 14 Camp is upset with funding of Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), because their aim is to blackmail the Resistance and reassume power.
Cambodia's Khmer Rouge guerrillas demanded Monday that King Norodom Sihanouk, a constitutional monarch who reigns but does not rule, be allowed to reassume power to bring about national reconciliation.
Which should mean that, while Pacquiao had smiled off nasty taunts, like that jokejoke dig, he should go all out, rage relentless and rouse the hungry, angry lion in him to reassume his role as the unforgiving Pacific Storm when he meets Mayweather in a bout billed in advance as the fight of the century.
Dweik has made clear his intentions to return to work as council speaker after a three-year absence, but Secretary General of the PLC Ibrahim Khreisha, loyal to Fatah, has said Dweik cannot reassume his duties.
The best course of action would be for another agency to take on the club and reassume the management of the facilities.
Some sources among the socialists have speculated Parvanov might try to reassume leadership of the Bulgarian Socialist Party from its current leader Sergey Stanishev.
There is agreement on the need for collaboration and coordination of effort to realize an objective set by His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah for Kuwait to reassume its leading financial and trade role in the region, and there is also agreement that the expertise of the private sector is crucial in this regard.