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REASSURANCE. When an insurer is desirous of lessening his liability, he may procure some other insurer to insure him from loss, for the insurance he has made this is called reassurance.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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That and other constant reassurances help Jinkee a lot, especially after she became frantic and completely lost it after Pacquiao's sixth-round stoppage loss to Juan Manuel Marquez in 2012.
BEIRUT: Three weeks before one of Lebanon's most significant cultural events, President Michel Aoun Monday made reassurances of the reestablishment of order and security in the Baalbeck-Hermel region.
In a statement the blood bank gave reassurances that there is no cause for concern said that reports it had administered a patient with the blood of a person suffering from syphilis were inaccurate and not presenting facts properly.
They constantly seek information and reassurance, for example, obsessively researching illnesses on the internet, visiting their GPs frequently and having tests that don't find any problems.
West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (WYFRS) has also issued advice and reassurance to people living in high-rise buildings, following the tragic fire on Tuesday night.
He said, 'Some movement and western officials have made some positive pronouncements, but banks need tangible reassurances that they would be immune from baseless allegations (of sanctions breaches).'
He also spoke about perfect team-work within the council of ministers since in his words: "the new critical phase necessitates a high level of solidarity among the Lebanese to be able to confront looming Israeli threats staring us all Lebanese and Arabs in the face." The minister's reassurances came when well-wishers from South Beirut suburbs congratulated him on his accession to Villa Boustros as foreign minister of Lebanon.
When the Ghost Ships contract was first mooted, there was full and open discussion of the possible implications and reassurances on the expertise available in the area.
UK holding investment firm Randall & Quilter Investment Holdings (LON:RQIH) Friday said it has completed the acquisition of French reinsurer La Licorne Compagnie de Reassurances from Maaf Assurances SA for EUR3.2m (USD4.2m) in cash.
BUSINESS Secretary Peter Mandelson is still waiting for reassurances from Kraft about its plans for chocolate-maker Cadbury, he told the Birmingham Mail.
Glen Burley, the hospital's chief executive, said: "Our view was that any clinical service operating on our site could be judged by patients as being part of the hospital." "So we rightly sought reassurances about the quality of the services planned, and the continued use of predominantly local GPs to treat patients.
Only a private last minute meeting between the actress and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas defused the row when he gave her reassurances the men's cases would be re-examined.