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If people live alone and might be vulnerable we are asking people to keep a special look-out for them and reassure them that help is at hand.
A Visa voiceover reassures cardholders that if their Visa Check Card is lost or stolen, they are not liable for fraudulent charges.
It was an attempt to reassure someone I thought was in trouble and it isn't my true stance.
The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government today announced the launch of a comprehensive public outreach campaign in the United States to reassure travelers that Hong Kong is safe, that it has successfully contained SARS and that careful and ongoing measures are in place to protect public health.
The Kremlin sought Sunday night to reassure the Clinton administration that the shake-up was not an economic retreat.
Reassure America also will assume administrative responsibilities required for such policies and contracts, the day-to-day performance of which will be outsourced to a third party administrator.
Ease reaffirms its commitment to continue on-going development and enhanced support for the current clients of TRIAD and has increased its efforts to reassure the current TRIAD user community of continued product growth, longevity and viability.
However, I reassure you that he is in a stable situation and enjoys a good health.
Company officials hoped Thursday's announcement would reassure investors about the firm's long-term prospects.
s relationship to both Reassure America Life Insurance Co.
As soon as a parent comes to reassure the child, the crying stops and the fear of abandonment disappears.
Affiliate Reassure America Life Insurance Company acquires US$3.