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The lady-god pressed his two flanks together reassuringly, and he turned to her, his cool nose touched questioningly to her cheek.
Here was a chance to prove that she was n't; besides, poor Tom had no one else to help him; so she came up to the sofa where he lay, and nodded reassuringly, as she put a soft little hand on either side of the damaged head.
There, there, Marilla, you can have your own way," said Matthew reassuringly.
At sight of me, he halted for an instant, then turned and dove into the forest, and, though I called reassuringly to him in English he did not return nor did I again see him.
But that is equivalent to one hundred and forty-four miles in twenty-four hours," I added reassuringly.
he pronounced all at once reassuringly, as though all were solved for him.
But Raffles answered kindly, reassuringly, I could tell from his tone, and then turned to me with a compassionate shrug.
And by this time the cherubic parent was so fearful of surprise, that, but for the two wooden legs on which Gruff and Glum was reassuringly mounted, his conscience might have introduced, in the person of that pensioner, his own stately lady disguised, arrived at Greenwich in a car and griffins, like the spiteful Fairy at the christenings of the Princesses, to do something dreadful to the marriage service.
An increasingly nervous Jack decides that he can spend the night in the den alone to face the scary night noises of 'beasties'--until reassuringly rescued by his loving parents.
You can't do it" TV chef Jamie Oliver "The United Kingdom is an imperial creation, invented after Scotland had been almost bankrupted by a crackpot attempt to create an empire of its own" Journalist Jeremy Paxman "She is like a bottle of champagne waiting to pop, and it ain't cheap champagne, either, believe me" Singer Jason Donovan on Nancy Dell'Olio, a fellow contestant on Strictly Come Dancing "I could have done without being an English pear shape, always having to turn sideways to the camera"Writer and former model Sandra Howard, wife of Lord Howard, the ex-Tory leader "I was always aware of being reassuringly unattractive" Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton "American people think I am posh even though I'm really not.
ICADE iOn Audio iPad, iPhone/Pre-order now for July ORIGINALLY beginning life as an April Fool on tech blog ThinkGeek, the iCade is a lovingly detailed and reassuringly solid wooden facsimile of an 80s-style coin-op cabinet that allows iPad users to play retro arcade games in the manner God intended: with an eight-way joystick and two banks of four buttons.
When it comes to flavour, everyone at Cook sets the bar reassuringly high.