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Usually used during machinery maintenance, this simple, reassuringly mechanical method of improving personal safety is as reliably effective as it is straightforward.
Speaking after Authorized had worked on Tuesday, Chapple-Hyam remarked: "A lot of horses do their best work when they are over the top," before observing, reassuringly, that Authorized was working in exactly the same way as before the Derby.
How long they can sustain such a perversely Luddite (yet somehow also reassuringly Swiss) posture remains to be seen.
Respond as reassuringly as possible, but don't force discussion.
The flimsy two-door convertible, adapted liberally from the American military model after World War II and given somewhat improbable second life as a devil-may-care dune-buggy in the '80s, was being outpaced in sales by the giant, reassuringly roofed SUVs that had begun to flood the market earlier in the decade.
Though Grand Central Station is its most famous building, the early 20th-century architectural firm designed many major buildings, including other train stations, hotels, libraries, and mansions, all in a reassuringly solid but carefully decorated Beaux-Arts style.
Which beer was advertised with the slogan Reassuringly Expensive?
Quite different from each other in style, they stand reassuringly of one mind about the future of the repertoire.
Microbial samples of elevators, kitchens, cafeterias, labs, bathrooms, classrooms, and other venues showed a reassuringly low bacteria count.
Compact and lightweight, yet reassuringly robust and reliable.