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Oh yes, and in the middle of January, HMRC took down the Self-Assessment data link for accountants and we had to reauthenticate ourselves to get back in.
IPSec disconnects the tunnel and requires users to reauthenticate when they encounter a coverage gap, move from one network to another, or suspend/resume their laptops.
For Nalco's mobile content search app, employees have a 15-minute window to search and download documents before they must reauthenticate their credentials.
It should be recalled that in the preceding attacks, deauthentication attacks were run against specific clients to force them to reauthenticate against the access point.
Johnson's memo, which includes a security checklist created by the National Institute for Standards and Technology, recommended four actions: use encryption when carrying agency data; use two-factor authentication provided by a device that is separate from the computer (such as a USB token); ensure that users reauthenticate after 30 minutes of inactivity; and verify that all sensitive data is purged within 90 days if no longer required.
As voice clients roamed, they had to reauthenticate with the access points, which would drop the call.
Other capabilities include: enterprise SSO functionality, which grants access to any number of Microsoft Windows client/ server, Web or mainframe applications without the user having to reauthenticate to each new application; multiple authentication methods such as a password, digital certificate, smart card or fingerprint-based biometric; and automated password change so application passwords can be strengthened without impacting user productivity.
Most vendor implementations of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or its wireless counterpart (WTLS) do not reauthenticate principals or recheck certificates once a connection has been established.
The attempt to reauthenticate photographic experience is being played out not only along the axis of personal experience but also across history.