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Reaves continues her role as a partner at Latin America Connection of Miami, Florida and Washington, D.
Six patrol units responded to the scene, and Reaves was placed under arrest.
Detectives said Reaves had handed in an empty bottle of the drug, which is an analgesic used to treat heroin addicts, and admitted she had given it to the children.
Reaves, who had approached her the day of the assault and said he needed to borrow it to run errands.
Sergeant Reaves flew along to provide instruction, as needed, to the loadmasters--Senior Master Sgt.
Retailers have gained the position of strength and taken a great deal of the leverage away from the supplier community," Reaves said.
While off duty one evening, Deputy Warren Reaves of the Harris County, Texas, Sheriff's Department, observed a car that had struck a pole.
Reaves did manage to shake things up at the San Francisco Giants' spring-training camp when he uncovered the true cause of second baseman Jeff Kent's broken wrist.
Reaves, speaking at the International Mass Retail Association's recent annual convention here, suggested that companies can identify sales growth opportunities by effectively using market share analysis.
Ian Reaves, a partner with international law firm Hammond, Suddards and Edge, reckons the development of the city centre will promote the city into the big league.
Reaves, a practicing psycho-therapist, points out that productivity, creativity and even "rebirth" can occur when we are emotionally down in the dumps.