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Each spring, as Yellowstone's bears emerge from hibernation, the inn reawakens too.
But the first person who reawakens her feelings since Ned died is Charlie, a married man, and their relationship proves a turning point in both their lives.
One night, Trevor unexpectedly returns after a long absence and reawakens the memory of their dead mother.
Correlatively, the Mevlevis teach that as a dervish whirls with arms outstretched, his or her soul remembers its descent into the material world, reawakens to its divinity, and reunites with the Divine Essence from which it emerged at the moment of creation.
A chance encounter with prodigious American star of the court Lizzie Bradbury (Kirsten Dunst, right) reawakens his passion for the game, but making it to the final proves a long and difficult slog - particularly when his mind is on other things.