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Discount; diminution of interest on capital lent in consideration of prompt repayment thereof; reduction of a stipulated charge that is not credited in advance but is returned subsequent to payment in full.

A tax rebate is a sum of money refunded to a taxpayer after full payment of the tax has been made.

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1) n. a discount or deduction on sales price. A secret rebate given by a subcontractor to a contractor in return for getting the job is illegal, since it cheats the person hiring the contractor. 2) v. to give a discount or deduction.

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REBATE, mer. law. Discount; the abatement of interest in consequence of prompt payment. Merch. Dict. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Is a free turkey a rebate? That was the question from Idaho Insurance Director Dean Cameron that stumped the experts.
The rebate program is part of the penalty imposed by the MWSS board of trustees to Manila Water for failing to comply with its concession agreement with the government.
to implement in June a sanctioned rebate related to the supply shortage that started in March.
Without a doubt, one of the most impactful has been the recent proposal by the Trump administration toamend the drug rebate system in order to streamline the process for patients.
There were a total of six applications selected in EPA Region 2 with winners in New York, New Jersey and Puerto Rico for rebate funds to assist in replacing old diesel school buses to achieve significant reductions in student's exposure to harmful emissions.
The portion of manufacturer rebates retained by the various participants in the healthcare supply chain is uncertain.
According to the firm, around a third of tax payers are due a rebate in the UK and claims can range from PS1,500 to PS7,300 for people working in the construction industry.
'TNB is still paying the rebate to consumers so the consumers did not suffer any losses,' he added.
The total amount of rebates paid increased to $103 million, from $107 million.
EPUD provided $150,000 in rebates and other incentives after last winter's ice storm.
The residential and commercial rebates, which come out of the Renewable Energy Fund, were suspended after an initial review indicated a drop in revenue for that fund, from $4.2 million to an estimated $3.6 million, according to Noonan.
FRAUDSTERS may be posing as council officials and cold-calling customers in a tax rebate scam.