rebellion against the government

See: treason
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The Boko Haram insurgency began in 2009 when the militants staged an armed rebellion against the government of Nigeria.
However, some are reaching the view that May can no longer be relied upon and are already plotting a rebellion against the government later this year, when the EU withdrawal bill returns to the Commons.
New People's Army rebels have 'intensified their decades-long rebellion against the government and stepped up terrorist acts against innocent civilians, and private entities, as well as guerrilla warfare against the security sector and public and government infrastructure, purposely to seize political power through violent means and supplant the country's democratic form of government with communist rule.
Luis Taruc led the Huks in an open rebellion against the government for years especially in Central Luzon.
Misuari left the Philippines when he was accused of staging a rebellion against the government, and he claims there was an attempt to assassinate him at that time.
In a media interview in Negros Oriental on Thursday, Duterte said he merely warned to burn lumad schools that foment rebellion against the government.
He said due to the sensitivity of the matter and possibility of being accused of supporting rebellion against the government in which he serves, he told Sudan Tribune during an exclusive interview on Friday in the national capital, Juba.
For example, ystanbul 8th Penal Court of Peace Judge Atilla EuztE-rk, the judge who ruled for the arrest of Nokta magazine editors Cevheri GE-ven and Murat Ecapan last month, claimed GE-ven and Ecapan attempted to instigate an armed rebellion against the government with an article published in the magazine using ironic language; the title of the article was "Survival Kit," published in the magazine following the Nov.
A lawyer and AKP supporter, Rahmi Kurt, had asked prosecutors to investigate the Hurriyet editors, accusing them of"inciting people to armed rebellion against the government," and requested their arrest.
Cotabato City -- Surviving members of the Moro National Liberation Front's (MNLF) "Top 90" set foot on the island of Corregidor last Tuesday to join the commemoration of the so-called Jabidah massacre, an event in the late 1960s that prompted them to mount a rebellion against the government.
uk Jennifer Lawrence reprises her role as Katniss Everdeen, heroine of the futuristic rebellion against the government.
The rebellion against the government has accelerated with the defection of Major-General James Koang, the senior army commander in the Unity state, which is South Sudan's major oil producer.