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REBEL. A citizen or subject who unjustly and unlawfully takes up arms against the constituted authorities of the nation, to deprive them of the supreme power, either by resisting their lawful and constitutional orders, in some particular matter, or to impose on them conditions. Vattel, Droit des Gens, liv. 3, Sec. 328. In another sense it signifies a refusal to obey a superior, or the commands of a court. Vide Commission of Rebellion.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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She remarked rebelliously, "If you come near me I'll kick you." She was promptly picked up bodily and hurried into the operating room amid a few kicks and verbal rebuffs, and seated (thrust) in the chair with a gesture indicative of action and intent and this remark: "In my office I'll tell you what's going to be done.
In contrast, in the second line of each stanza, the young speaker of the poem, born an untouchable like the stonemasons but not one any more (because of his conversion to Buddhism), acts unconventionally, rebelliously, subversively: he sets a match to fireworks, makes loud music, counts up exhausted horses, and finally breaks heads with stones.
What she sees is a variant of the monster in the mirror familiar to women's poetry and fiction, the image of rebelliously monstrous autonomy typified by the madwoman in the attic and an uneasy crowd of ominous female forms that darken the mirroring text of women's fiction.
In her first novel, The Autobiography of My Mother, grown alternated between the points of view of an alienated mother-daughter pair, the mother a Holocaust survivor, seemingly cold, relentless and remote; the daughter rebelliously askew, as open and angry as her mother is guarded.
The dog, full of mischief, pranced along with the leather lead in his mouth and tugged his head rebelliously from side to side.
Only the Parka coat was missing, replaced by a more fitting dinner jacket, bow tie and white shirt - rebelliously untucked, of course - as he posed po-faced outside the London club he'd hired for the night.
Learn to be inspired"), while doing what he can to keep Sascha from falling in further with the National Socialist ideologues the young man rather rebelliously admires.
The only break from her normal behaviour was to reveal that she was rebelliously wearing a very casual pair of slightly baggy, faded denim jeans.
Nevertheless, all the loyal lads are up for a dance and a drink with me, and rebelliously ignore their midnight curfew.
"Sadly for her, I was a horrible teenager and caused her heartache and rebelliously got married at 18 much against her wishes."
In our preoccupation with dogma and sensory icons, we often discard or kill the spiritual essence, but it is out of this discarded essence that a new and meaningful expression of spirituality is eventually revived and "rebuilt." Given the trappings of the ego, intellect and senses, one might therefore rebelliously conclude that the best design for a sacred shrine is no design at all!
As the rainy season comes on, the unpaid men mutter rebelliously. Popper makes an example of bagpipe player Silveira (Nancho Novo), forcing him to play till he drops.