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One in five adults in our culture reports going through rebelliousness in adolescence.
Its passage through Aquarius has mixed this sign's rebelliousness with this planet's escapism, and the effects of this can be seen in society.
Arriving at the 'Fur Coat, No Knickers Cabaret' one would expect there to be a general rebelliousness in the dressing stakes - but to look like a flasher in a mac is a no-no.
Higher expectations for risk-taking and rebelliousness predict higher levels of problem behaviour, even controlling for many other predictors of such behaviour," Buchanan said.
He told the Radio Times his lack of religion was not rebelliousness, explaining: "It never really occurred to me to believe in God.
And when he hits his teens, I might take up the habit myself - all in the interests of fostering his rebelliousness, of course.
The odds are shortening on the Prime Minister quitting before his preferred date of 2008 after the loss of his close ally, David Blunkett, and rising rebelliousness on his backbenches.
And it still is, in some cases, associated with rebelliousness.
I suppose a hint of rebelliousness is natural in a 17-year-old.