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S), tenderness in right iliac fossa is having maximum sensitivity (100%) followed by Nausea or vomiting (90%), rebound tenderness in right lower quadrant (80%) and raised temperature (68%).
Abdominal examination revealed a mildly distended abdomen, with pain all over but mostly in the epigastric and umbilical areas (there was some pain at the surgical site), no rigidity, no rebound tenderness and sluggish bowel sounds.
Of the 394 patients, 143 had rebound tenderness and/or guarding and 251 did not.
Direct abdominal tenderness is a fairly reliable sign of appendicitis during pregnancy, but rebound tenderness is much less reliable, because the enlarged uterus shields the abdominal wall.
Since there was no rebound tenderness and the CBC was normal, appendicitis seemed less likely and was ruled out after an abdominal ultrasound.
On physical exam, the left inguinal region was tender and rebound tenderness was elicited over a 2 by 2 centimeter region inferior to the mid-inguinal ligament.
Her abdomen is soft and she displays slight guarding but no rebound tenderness.
These include dyspnea and stridor, ulcers, meningitis, GI rebound tenderness, hematemesis, and melena.
Her temperature was mildly elevated, she demonstrated rebound tenderness to a moderate degree at McBurney's point and at the 10, 2, and 4 o'clock periumbilical positions (Dr.
7 C), pulse of 112 beats per minute, and rebound tenderness to the abdomen.
There was mild tenderness in the epigastric region without any guarding or rebound tenderness.