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Abdominal examination revealed abdominal distension, lower abdominal guarding more so in the right iliac fossa with rebound tenderness and increased bowel sounds.
On physical exam her abdomen was tender to palpation most notably in the upper quadrants where she had guarding and rebound tenderness.
Abstract: Rebound tenderness is a widely used examination technique for patients with suspected appendicitis, but it can be quite uncomfortable.
1[degrees] C with rebound tenderness in the right iliac fossa.
The abdomen was soft, slightly tender in the right lower quadrant, but with no rebound tenderness.
On physical examination, his abdomen was distended and tense with generalized rebound tenderness.
1[degrees]C with rebound tenderness in the right iliac fossa.
She was afebrile, reported abdominal pain with palpation, and had moderate direct rebound tenderness.
Diffuse tenderness to palpation, exquisitely over left upper quadrant with no rebound tenderness or guarding.
The criteria state that whilst abdominal rebound tenderness has a sensitivity of 96% for appendicitis, pain shifting to the right lower quadrant only has an 80% sensitivity with a leukocytosis on white blood cell count also being 80% (4).