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3 June 2016 - US-based fitness company Cellercise has re-acquired 100% rights to founder and CEO Dave Hall's proprietary rebounder technology from the global company that has been his exclusive distribution partner since 2013, the company said.
The Fall Rebounder will be fabricated from lightweight yet durable material.
There's no reason he can't be a good rebounder, and that will help his game.
She's a good passer, a good defender and an outstanding rebounder.
He's also a solid facilitator, willing rebounder, and able defender using his speed and vertical to get rebounds and steals.
We are defining the term rebounder (typically referred to as "being on the rebound") as a person in a new relationship who feels a sense of loss due to the ending of a previous romantic relationship.
If the rebounder encounters pressure making the outlet pass, he should execute a moderately wide Rip Pivot with the non-pivot foot (leg) toward the defender.
That's twice as many as Bullets' leading rebounder, captain Chris Watson.
We needed a guard or a rebounder and the rebounder (Bonsu) didn't come off, so it's not a case of Joel being second-choice," said Bullets general manager Richard Parker.
Later, at Southeastern Louisiana University, she sunk baskets to become the school's third highest scorer and rebounder.
Phil will give us a strong low post presence, and he is a very good rebounder on both ends of the floor," Willard said.