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Gaining good offensive rebounding position when on the off-side.
Scottie Thompson's amazing rebounding skills have been in full display in the past few games that hauling 15 rebounds now doesn't look like anything out of the ordinary for the guard.
Although it's obvious that big, strong, and tall players would form a good rebounding team, we've also seen our share of small, aggressive, and hard-nosed teams that have dominated the boards, allowing no second shots by their opponents.
Both teams shot less than 40 percent through three quarters, and the Suns had a 39-36 rebounding advantage, going into the fourth quarter.
The Trojans scored the first four points of overtime on baskets by LeNoir and Murphy, but allowed the Huskies to get back into it with poor defensive rebounding.
Thomas is second on the team in scoring and rebounding, averaging nine points and six rebounds.
They also outrebounded the Clippers 21-18, even thought the Clippers came into the game as the top rebounding team in the NBA.