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M2 EQUITYBITES-April 23, 2014-Scania investor Alecta rebuffs VW's buyout bid
He further confirmed that Eritreans abroad in general and the youth in particular are ready as always to work alongside their people and government in support to the overall national development programs and resolute rebuff.
Global Banking News-April 27, 2017--GAM rebuffs challenge from RBR
Under such circumstances, the Eritrean people inside the country and abroad are determined to reinforce the national rebuff.
Summary: Samuel Eto'o looks likely to rebuff Manchester City's big-money advances.
The Fischerspooner twist is to draw on the pop tendency to pleasure rather than to rebuff the audience as the old-style avant-gardists did, while nonetheless exposing the machinations of that pleasure.
While the Knight of Columbus (see above) have gone on record to rebuff pro-abortion politicians from here on in, former Prime Minister John Turner, a Catholic, is set to chair the annual Toronto Cardinal's Dinner.
Spherical could not wear down the favourite, Rebuff, who beat her 112 lengths.
In a rebuff meeting they held, Eritrean nationals residing in Copenhagen, Denmark, expressed resolve to reinforce participation towards success of development programs in the Homeland.
Mr Blunkett tried to put a brave face on the rebuff, saying: "I have given the green light to begin the process.
Defeat of the initiative would not legalize same-sex marriage, which is not sanctioned in any state, but proponents hope to rebuff any future attempts to do so.