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But in a letter to committee chairman Andrew Tyrie, Lord King rebuffed the suggestion.
China Gas previously rebuffed the Sinopec-ENN proposal, saying it fails to reflect the fundamental value of the company.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has rebuffed a personal appeal from Muammar Gaddafi to President Barack Obama and demanded the Libyan leader withdraw his forces and go into exile.
Officials for NTS -- which has tested products and components for aerospace, telecommunications and military uses on the site -- rebuffed the EPA's attempts since 2004 to drill wells to find whether perchlorate and other contaminants may have seeped from the site into the groundwater below.
Iftikhar Mehmood, 39, obsessively loved two women, and when he was rebuffed he claimed they owed him pounds 75,000, Liverpool Crown Court heard.
Agent Samit said he had contacted his superiors 70 times, urgently requesting assistance with the Moussaoui/Al-Attas investigation, only to be repeatedly rebuffed without any rational explanation.
The Russian government rebuffed attempts at rescue and this account reveals the deceptions and conspiracies which revolved around the disaster.
House Majority Leader Prospero Nograles rebuffed a call from Archbishop Fernando Capalla for an official forum where religious leaders could influence lawmakers, Manila Standard Today reported in early January.
Additionally, Ford was rumored to have conversations with Renault's Carlos Ghosn, only to be rebuffed.
COVENTRY MP Bob Ainsworth is to complain to the Post Office minister after an offer to buy-out a beleaguered branch office was rebuffed.
But the alternative proposal - a reduction in the number of permitted fishing days at sea from the current 15 a month to 13 - was also rebuffed by Bradshaw and Finnie.
Johnson said she "cannot second guess" why the reception towards the Canidian church has been different from that of ECUSA, particularly with African bishops have veen rebuffed.