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Swiss hedge fund, GAM, has been able to rebuff a boardroom coup by activist investor, RBR Capital.
In addition, a representative for Investor AB (STO:INVE-A) previously told Reuters that his company would rebuff the offer.
When the girls and their mother move to the small town of Dunville, they are met with inexplicable angry stares and rebuffs from the townspeople.
Raised by her maternal Armenian grandparents and her mother, a widow whose Jewish in-laws refused to acknowledge the marriage or the death of their son, Ani experiences all the rebuffs and anxieties of an outsider.
At first, Tabitha rebuffs the offer, yet the lure of money and adventure proves too enticing.
Preliminary results now suggest that the oil in the herb rebuffs mosquitoes more effectively than the widely used repellent diethyl-m-toluamide, or DEET.