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The CCR Program ensures successful rebuilds and like-new machine performance for Cat customers.
It required four weeks to completely rebuild two heaters, and by rebuilding over buying new feedwater heaters we saved about one-third the cost," said Nick Samford, the Engineering Supervisor at NRG's Limestone, Generating Station, in central Texas.
Any rebuild must start with a clear set of marketing and sales goals--and simple survival of an asset is not a marketing plan.
For those who ask, "Why rebuild, given the peril of floods?
Xavier's President Norman Francis estimates the gap between what the insurance payment will be and what is needed to rebuild and make the campus habitable is $15 million to $18 million.
While RAID 5 and 6 are great technologies for balancing performance, cost and capacity, they are negatively affected by drive failures and extended array rebuild times.
Silverstein argued that the "should" in the restoration period definition imposes a theoretical measure only where the insured does not rebuild or fails to do so with reasonable speed and similar quality.
After more than a quarter-century of war, nearly 28 million Afghans are struggling to rebuild their livelihoods and communities in the face of destroyed homes, roads and infrastructure, a devastated natural environment and a shattered economy," said Sen.
These provisions allow disaster victims to rebuild their lives as they need," Galdieri says, maintaining that all the proceeds should be exempt.
A) It will take time to establish a functioning government; rebuild power plants, roads, schools, and homes; gain the trust of the people of Iraq; increase employment.