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Over the past 25 years, Whayne has rebuilt 33 different models, the most common being large dozers, wheel loaders and trucks.
Ultimately, though, the fact that rebuilt units save anywhere from 25-50% of the cost of a replacement unit makes the argument for rebuilding hard to ignore, especially in the face of today's economy.
Also featured in the brochure are new and rebuilt mixers, mills, calenders, extruders and presses.
It was originally installed in 1967 and rebuilt by Valmet in the late 1980s.
Since its inception in 1996, the Dayton organization has rebuilt 168 homes.
Mill S/A, Santa Catarina, Brazil, started up its newly rebuilt Tissue Machine 3 in December 2001.
Regardless of what is rebuilt, or by whom it is rebuilt, the WTC will be rebuilt over eight or nine years.
Second, if the answer is 'no,' can the grade structure be changed or the machine rebuilt to correct the situation?
Parts of the eight-lane West Side Highway need to be rebuilt, along with countless miles of public utilities -- and that is before any comprehensive rebuilding can be undertaken.
SP Newsprint's PM 2, the first rebuild of a high-speed newsprint machine in the world: PM 2 was installed by Valmet in 1989 and the rebuilt machine was started up in July 1998.
Another risk to bondholders is that if the property is rebuilt using the insurance proceeds, the new project may not have sufficient cash flow to support the bonds as rated.
com), one of the largest Caterpillar(R) dealers worldwide has created a source of top quality rebuilt machines for the construction and mining industry.