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Her comments drew a sharp rebuke from China, but she denied overstepping the mark.
The rebuke, issued in the press Monday, quickly raised questions whether the supreme leader is backing off support of Ahmadinejad in the president's tough battle for a second term in June 12 elections.
The Iranian media has failed to report that Interpol rebuked the Islamic Republic last week, suggesting the rebuke was deleted by the censors.
That rout was widely seen as a rejection of sclerotic and uninspired Democratic congressional rule, a rebuke of the shaky first two years of Bill Clinton's presidency, and a sign that a growing portion of the electorate was open to conservative ideas.
The Roman Catholic Papacy has been the target of accusation, slander, caricature, politics and rebuke from its beginnings in the first century of the Christian Church down to the present day.
In the same week that Donald Trump won a reported $4 million from a contractor who tried to cheat him, the developer earned a rebuke from the New York Building Congress for calling the city's contractors "'slime.
Paul gave Timothy this advice: "Do not rebuke an older man but exhort him as you would a father, treat younger men like brothers, older women like mothers, younger women like sisters and all with complete purity.
The underlying indeterminacy of the physical world, and perhaps all the more so our experience of it, reserves a rebuke for any kind of graphic fixity.
Jesus, ever the gracious guest: His reproach, "Martha, Martha," is not a rebuke meant to discount her gift or refuse her repast but an invitation--right hand open--to draw her away from her worry and toward a restful heart.
Critical comments made at a hearing in late June drew a rebuke from Regent Gary Stuart, a former liaison with the community college system.