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CHAKWAL -- A 19-year-old boy shot himself dead after being rebuked by mother, police said on Tuesday.
Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development, Mr Thapelo Olopeng has rebuked some residents of Tonota for recently taking the law into their hands and damaging property.
Sydney: The leader of Australia's right wing One Nation party has been rebuked by the Turnbull government for entering the Senate chamber wearing a black burqa.
That way, the third party would hear the words of concern but would be spared the embarrassment of being rebuked.
BREAKFAST PIERS MORGAN has signed up to host Good Morning Britain once again - despite being rebuked by the broadcasting watchdog during his recent stint on the show.
State Customs Service was also rebuked, performance of heads of other agencies was also assessed," the Prime Minister said.
The letter is a Cameron ahead of the and comes amid among Tory MPs with It is not the first time rebuked for making rebuked for making misleading statements in speeches.
Summary: The head of the independent fiscal watchdog has rebuked David Cameron for misrepresenting its stance on the impact of austerity measures.
DIALA / Aswat al-Iraq: A pupil at an elementary school in the city of Baaquba died hours after his teacher harshly rebuked him for stealing his colleague's meal, an official source in Diala said on Friday.
Summary: Amman, June 21, 2010, SPA -- A Jordanian parliamentary committee today rebuked the leader of a Dutch far-right political party for proposing the establishment alternative homeland for Palestinians in Jordan, according to dpa.
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has sharply rebuked Israel over its recent decision to build new settlements in East Jerusalem.
The central bank of Canada has rebuked commercial banks for possible 'arrogant' behaviour.