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To defeat, dispute, or remove the effect of the other side's facts or arguments in a particular case or controversy.

When a defendant in a lawsuit proves that the plaintiff's allegations are not true, the defendant has thereby rebutted them.

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to contradict.
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TO REBUT. To contradict; to do away as, every homicide is presumed to be murder, unless the contrary appears from evidence which proves the death; and this presumption it lies on the defendant to rebut by showing that it was justifiable or excusable. Allis. Prin. 48.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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rebut the FOM presumption by introducing enough evidence to satisfy a
However, it is up the employer and/or its Workers' Compensation Insurance carrier to rebut the presumption.
Japan's industry ministry will include arguments on auto and steel market practices when the government rebuts a recent U.S.
I asked students who wanted to rebut items to turn in their rebuttals, with documentation for their distracter selections, by the next test.
10 Downing Street, British PM Tony Blair says: "This is not about the West versus Islam" (reflecting what his spokesman called a need to take Bin Ladin's arguments "head on and rebut them").
TNR wrote that a Buckley column used similar language and facts as Michael Fumento's National Review piece that tried to rebut health claims made by opponents of U.S.
CARACAS -- A ruling by the Supreme Court denying a journalist the right to rebut accusations made by President Hugo Chavez last year during his radio show Alo Presidente has raised fears about the government's commitment to respect civil liberties and has opened a fierce constitutional debate.
(c) How may a financial homing company rebut a presumption that it is routinely managing or operating a portfolio company?
You apparently chose to demagogue Meyerson because you cannot rebut his main point: School choice deserves to be tried because the public school system is failing our children.
If the defendant pleads self-defense in court, prosecutors may choose to introduce booking photographs in court to rebut such claims.
Their response is, |Well, if we have to spend a hundred million dollars, we think it's better to spend that money to give people clean water so they won't get cholera anymore.' And frankly, when you're dealing with a country that doesn't have infinite resources, that's a very difficult argument to, rebut."
"If I'm satisfied he has used the proceeds of drug-dealing to fund his other trades that would mean that in the inextricable mixture of money obtained in the course of Arthur Daley-type transactions and drugs transactions, one can't distinguish between the two and therefore he can't rebut the assumptions."