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To defeat, dispute, or remove the effect of the other side's facts or arguments in a particular case or controversy.

When a defendant in a lawsuit proves that the plaintiff's allegations are not true, the defendant has thereby rebutted them.

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to contradict.
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TO REBUT. To contradict; to do away as, every homicide is presumed to be murder, unless the contrary appears from evidence which proves the death; and this presumption it lies on the defendant to rebut by showing that it was justifiable or excusable. Allis. Prin. 48.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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New Delhi (India), Jan 12 ( ANI ): Rebutting the Opposition's claim that all major schemes of the incumbent central dispensation are those initiated by previous Congress regime and are being run superficially by changing their nomenclature, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that none of the public welfare schemes of National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government is named after him.
Ms Janjua said the Foreign Office had issued a detailed rejoinder to the US NSS document rebutting the allegations and cautioning against the 'trivialising' of Pakistani sacrifices in the fight against terrorism.
IPRO View users will now have the ability to quickly and accurately locate documents having similar linguistic patterns, making it far easier to respond to requests for discovery and to perform tasks like consistently redacting documents, issue coding and rebutting or confirming key pieces of evidence.
Established in honor of a Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporter and editor who died in 1975, the award honors Locke for a column rebutting a state education official who declined in a radio interview to characterize as genocidal the Indian deaths caused by Christopher Columbus and his crews.
The court emphasized that its holding "rests on our finding that Clarkson and J.D., whose transactions with each other are subject to particular scrutiny because the two entities are related, had a method or arrangement between them which in substance deferred the receipt of compensation by the service provider." The court also noted that the Weavers offered no proof rebutting the presumption under Temp.
I've gotten married a couple of times, but unfortunately I haven't had a real marriage yet - Actress Jennifer Lopez, right, who is poised to wed Ben Affleck Guns would not be a funky fashion accessory if we brought back capital punishment - nobody looks cool hanging from the end of a rope - Author and TV arts pundit Tony Parsons' solution to Britain's so-called ``gun culture'' Allegations of dumbing down get right up my nose - BBCs 10 O'Clock News anchorman Huw Edwards rebutting claims by former war correspondent and MP Martin BellFine for parking here - Sign in a street which is puzzling Dubliners Like every working woman, I need a wife - TV presenter Fiona Phillips
There are many people in this world who are still afraid to even mention the historic facts", he says, rebutting US criticism that his remarks about Jews persecuting Jesus and plotting to assassinate the Muslim prophet Mohammed are "as regrettable as they are unacceptable".
Churchill has performed a remarkable service himself in succinctly rebutting rhetoric with fact.
Under Local Law One, we always suggested rebutting because the presumption could be used against the owner in liability cases, and if you didn't have the test, you would be more vulnerable to a lawsuit.
O'Neil of the law school of the University of Virginia, issued a paper rebutting Hutson's conclusions.
At Warwick, rebutting recent press reports, he said: "I am absolutely delighted.