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Ms Janjua said the Foreign Office had issued a detailed rejoinder to the US NSS document rebutting the allegations and cautioning against the 'trivialising' of Pakistani sacrifices in the fight against terrorism.
O'Neil of the law school of the University of Virginia, issued a paper rebutting Hutson's conclusions.
Bowen and Bok's data make clear that affirmative action has been good for blacks and good for diversity, effectively rebutting several of the more extreme arguments made by opponents of such programs.
But it has also incensed some people in the city and another book rebutting his claims about life there is due out next month.
Pauline Croft gives a brisk account of Robert Cecil's influence and patronage, rebutting recent efforts to downplay his role in the years 1610-1612.
In addition, the use of the word "generally" in the last sentence of paragraph (c)(4) seemingly erects a high barrier to a taxpayer's rebutting the presumption.
Church bulletins will include tracts adapted from ``Breaking The Da Vinci Code,'' one of countless books on the market rebutting Brown's work.
I just opened the January l0 issue of THE NEW AMERICAN and read the letter to the editor" rebutting William F.
Two dozen of the nation's leading authorities on church-state separation and the presidency of Thomas Jefferson have issued a joint letter rebutting a Library of Congress paper that attacked Jefferson's famous "wall of separation between church and state" metaphor.