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I identify subnational recalcitrance (inaction by states) and backlash (reversing course) as two potential types of maladaptation, provide examples of each, and use these to illustrate the structural features of subnational governments that make maladaptation most likely.
Join the millions of ordinary people who challenge recalcitrance every day.
The fear that such advanced systems would fall into the wrong hands explained Western recalcitrance.
com/prnh/20100816/AJCLOGO) David Harris, AJC executive director, said: "The EU ought to recognize what should be obvious, namely, that Palestinian recalcitrance, not settlements, has been, and remains, the foremost obstacle to peace.
Despite the recalcitrance of North Korea, Iran and Syria - the only three countries who voted against it - the treaty was widely supported, garnering the approval of 154 of the 193 nations in attendance.
They discuss types of microbicidal and microbistatic agents, factors affecting microbicides, their mechanisms of action, biofilm recalcitrance, fungicidal activity of microbicides, and other principles, and the evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy and the efficacy of professional healthcare antiseptics, regulation of microbicides, sterilization processes, preservation of medicine and cosmetics, sterility assurance, antimicrobial surfaces and devices, emerging natural technologies, and control of infectious bioagents.
In the introductory chapter of "Anomalous States," Lloyd explained that "the essays [contained therein] explore different forms of that self-estrangement, one encouraged as much by official nationalism as by colonial powers, and attempt to trace an alternative cultural politics in the resources of recalcitrance.
Gipe predicts the Saudis' decision to "go solar" might prompt US and Canadian policymakers "to reconsider their recalcitrance toward the renewable revolution sweeping the globe.
Standing up to Republican recalcitrance on this and many other issues will require bringing to bear political pressure from the coalition that gave Mr.
Despite their grumbling and their recalcitrance, God feeds the weary escapees from Egypt with manna and quail.
We can exact a painful price on Tehran for its recalcitrance and avoid any blowback to our own economy, at least in the near term," Maloney said.
The one-eyed Cotrellsbooley was trounced by Flemenstar at Navan, but of more concern to trainer Denis Cullen was his recalcitrance at the start.