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Later in the incubation, when comparatively recalcitrant forms remained, either the ratio of C to Fe and Al was lowered to the extent where all of the organic matter was protected by association with Fe and Al, or some other mechanism of protection was operating, such as biochemical recalcitrance.
The key notion of recalcitrance is explained by the rather good metaphor of solving a jigsaw puzzle, which initially goes quickly as you get the corners and edges (low recalcitrance) and quickly at the end with few pieces left to put down, but which is much harder between those phases, when there is then high recalcitrance.
As the Council was told on Friday, if the MINURSO mission can be rendered ineffective and inoperative by one member state's recalcitrance and if the people of the region can be threatened by a possible renewal of hostilities because a government took offence at a single word, how can we guaranty a stability of any peacekeeping mission.
In Yemen the attitude of the Houthi leadership in breaking the cease-fire has been severely criticized and such recalcitrance whether here or in other war-torn regions may well speed up the formation of an Islamic alliance designed to fight insurgency and terrorism both militarily, intellectually and through media to get the message across that they mean business.
The fervency of Eichmann's antisemitic and racially based volkisch beliefs--the ideological self-consciousness and proud recalcitrance of his Nazism, as against the bureaucrat's anodyne conventionality that Arendt thought she had found--can no longer remain in question.
The EMC spokesperson noted that Abingona had earlier been given the chance to reform by the so-called People's Court but showed recalcitrance.
His recalcitrance to the Soviet ideological pressure cost him life: he was executed during Joseph Stalin's Great Purge and his writings were banned for nearly twenty years.
Undoubtedly, regional conflicts and disputes, together with consequent security challenges, will stand as a stumbling block to our stability and to the Middle East peace process due to Israeli recalcitrance, thus posing a challenge to our security.
Imagine a form that exudes vulnerability as well as resolve, pliancy as well as recalcitrance, that features geometric shapes and is nonetheless organic, that looks provisional and yet is timelessly self-contained, that is alive with tension but still imparts a sense of calm, that suggests the most intimate eroticism while attesting to the most refined purity.
US Secretary of State John Kerry said that the recalcitrance of those blocking the holding of elections in Haiti was challenging the overall development of the country, where he acknowledged the hard work being performed by the leaders of the executive branch to move things forward, reports HCNN (Oct.
This history describes not only a penchant for discrimination in Texas with respect to voting," she wrote, "but it exhibits a recalcitrance that has persisted over generations despite the repeated intervention of the federal government and its courts on behalf of minority citizens.
Buffeted on all sides by criticism of his decision to spurn negotiations with Napoleon, whom he perceived as an evil force that had to be purged, Alexander came to feel that only God stood with him in his recalcitrance toward the French emperor.