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"Application of recalcitrant seed storage technology in the form of seedlings or seedlings is an opportunity to be able to overcome the problems in the procurement of seeds for planting.
Kronos Bio is focused on the research and development of first-in-class therapies that modulate historically recalcitrant cancer targets.
The law only applies to recalcitrant men, and not women, and the recalcitrant husband must be present in Israel for the rabbinical courts to hear the case.
To develop methods to preserve recalcitrant seeds, it is essential to understand the mechanism of sensitivity of these seeds to dehydration treatment.
'However, we must remind him that Misuari is almost a recalcitrant peace partner, talking peace when it suits him, and waging war when convenient, without due regard to civilian lives and the lives of our soldiers,' she said.
Extensive and recalcitrant warts cause physical embarrassment and psychological distress to the patients, as well as, a therapeutic challenge for the treating dermatologist.2 Studies have shown that warts resolve spontaneously in 40% and the rest need some kind of medical or surgical intervention.2
Kuntze is a conifer species from the Atlantic Forest that presents recalcitrant seeds with significant ecological, economic and social importance in Brazil (Wendling & Brondani, 2015).
AIM: To study the efficacy of intrastromal voriconazole injection in Recalcitrant Fungal Keratitis
''I don't think the problem here is recalcitrant Republicans, I think it's actually recalcitrant Democrats and a president who's not very good at legislative dealmaking,'' said Rep.
Le conducteur recalcitrant n'a pas obtempere aux ordres de s'arreter.
Summary: Yemen remains in grip of deadly unrest, often fomented by recalcitrant backers of old regime.
Cotabato City - Deserving children of both mainstream and recalcitrant Moro rebels in Maguindanao can avail themselves of locally-subsidized grants to pursue school studies under the enlarged scholarship program of the provincial government.