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That differences may exist in nothingness--an ostensibly absolute and uniform state--is an obscurely paradoxical idea, but one perfectly in keeping with the overriding drift of the passage; namely, to keep pursuing a negotiation of that which appears most recalcitrantly opposed to negotiation.
The biography's central concern (in all forms from draft to book) is attempting to prove through testimony and documentary evidence that Mary Baker Eddy had, if not explicitly stolen, at least appropriated the original ideas of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby and recalcitrantly refused to properly show her indebtedness to him.
In the ambitious, ambiguous "Generation Kill," 1st Recon is recalcitrantly tasked with a harrowing assignment far outside of their ordinary skill set -- they skitter through Iraq in unarmored Humvees, seemingly without reason and frequently woefully outmanned, distracting the Iraqi army's attentions from the larger battalions rolling through the country.
When Charles Tomlinson came to translate the poem, there was little he could do with the recalcitrantly abstract 'lo inmenso', but he nevertheless made an addition: 'Eternity reposes here, Rock on rock.